नेपाल शल्य चिकित्सक समाज

Society of Surgeons of Nepal (SSN) is an official, professional and non-profitable organization of surgeons of Nepal. It was established on June 1992 as a Non-Government Organization and is officially registered at Kathmandu district administration office.

SSN is established to provide a platform to share knowledge and experience among surgeons for mutual benefits. It is established for professional and academic development of surgeons in order to provide quality, standard, scientific, evidence based surgical services in Nepal. It aims to promote educational and research activities in the field of surgery in Nepal in order to achieve its goal.


Our 6th annual conference highlights the gradual emergence of subspecialty concept in Neurosurgery in Nepal. In 2016, NESON opened its Neuro-Spine Chapter and in the forthcoming conference, we are going to open the Neurovascular one. One of the key features in this conference is the Neurovascular Workshoo ( both endovascular and open microsurgical) conducted by the experts in the field which will provide hands-on skills on the enodvascular treatment of various vascular pathologies and on open microvascular anastomosis for young neurosurgeons and residents.

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XII National Conference of Society of Surgeons of Nepal

National Conference of the Society of Surgeons of Nepal (SSN) 2019

Chitwan, Nepal

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International Conference of SSN

International Conference of the Society of Surgeons of Nepal

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